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Phoebe Cates Continues Doing Nothing Newsworthy, Though Kevin Kline Has His Suspicions


Phoebe Cates was photographed on the red carpet several years ago. I’m not sure what event, premiere, or award ceremony she was attending…

She was tan when this picture was taken; she looks healthy too. It’s rare to see a good photograph of Phoebe Cates since she retired from full-time show business to focus on being a mother of two children with Kevin Kline.

Known best for her work done in her late teens, she has been in some other things too.

Her son, Owen, received rave reviews for his performance in The Squid and the Whale. An admirable accomplishment for a boy too young to see photographs of Phoebe Cates like THIS famous scene, released when she was 19. Or THIS other one from the previous year.

Not that he’d want too anyway… unless he’s a pervert.


Paris Hilton is Enthusiastic… and Topless (Again)


The new images from Paris’ topless (kind of) photo-shoot for the magazine 944 were released, thus – as a serious journalist – I have to talk about them.

Mmm, there’s not that much to say. Paris Hilton is lacking full clothing. She is thin. She also looks like she has to go to the bathroom really badly…

Mostly it’s just hard to think of any actual content to go along with these pictures with my hand under the table…

Desperately trying to soothe my groin from the spontaneous outbreaks of herpes and nine other STDs that exploded in my crotch just from looking at this picture.

For those of us who fondly remember the more wholesome (ever-so-slightly) Paris Hilton, click HERE and reminisce.