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Things Just Couldn’t Be Better For Perez


Gossip blogger Perez Hilton (real name: Mario Lavandeira) has been caught up in an (unexciting) sex-tape scandal of his own.

According to the New York Post, Jonathan Jaxson, another young blogger, sent Hilton sexually explicit tapes of himself as a result of promises for promotion for Jaxson’s own GOSSIP SITE.

‘He told me he would give me stories for my blog,’ Jaxson said. ‘He used me.’

Granted, Perez is pretty lame. And his site is pretty lame. But it’s far from being the lamest site on the internet – that honor goes to THIS SITE, which is so unnecessary that I was sure was a sham until I read Lindsay Lohan’s non-committal, barely coherent ‘endorsement’ trumpeted on the Celebrity Statements section.

The aspect of this scandal that makes it ridiculous is the fact that, apparently, of the billions of real (and fake) people on the internet, Mario couldn’t get anyone to send him a sex tape without an ulterior motive. And he’s well-known.

Kinda sad, isn’t it?


Shocking New Evidence Suggests that Web Relationships are Potentially Hazardous


Jealousy, Deception, Obsession, Heartbreak, Smut

Ah, the bittersweet joys of online dating.

Sentence comes down on March 19 in the case of Stephen Hailes (48), the jilted online chatter who forwarded naked pictures of his cyber-partner Karen Parker (36) to her husband and every one else in her Hotmail address book.

The ‘crime’ is sending indecent and grossly offensive images by a public communication network; which I guess is illegal in Britain.

More confusing is how this managed to happen in the first place… Not satisfied just sending naked photographs, she also spoke with him on the phone and, most importantly, gave him her e-mail password.

What happened in between that and forwarding involves someone sending flowers, calling constantly, growing jealous, and *gasp* discovering that Karen Parker was not quite web-monogamous, as the term might be.


Forward this to anyone who still thinks that the British have a one-up as far as culture and intelligence goes – the saga of the unemployed single father-of-one, the married grocery-store cashier mother-of-two, and all the heartbreak and scandal that plagues them should cure that fast.

The mad-forwarder faces potential jail time… The scandal-box faces…. um, nothing?

Check out the PG version to see what had this guy losing his mind… right…….. HERE.


Gary Coleman is Well-Adjusted and Still Happily Married


I know this is some pretty old news, but… get over it.

For those of you who don’t live to read US Magazine – pseesh – the forty year old former child star married a 22 year old non-famous girl in Nevada, and then kept it a secret for 6 months at which point he went on TV saying that they haven’t slept together, and that he loves it when she sells his stuff on eBay.

I hate to dredge this up again, but does any part of this story make sense?

I mean, I understand why Gary would marry her, because she’s pretty good looking (for Gary Coleman), but why keep it a secret?

Unless she didn’t want to become quasi-famous for marrying Gary Coleman… but why? For his commercials for CashCall..?

Or does she just love eBay so much that the concept of selling all of a broke Gary Coleman’s possessions made her vagina foam uncontrollably.

But why no sex? Why talk about it?

HERE’S a picture of the happy couple, and they do look happy. So happy it’s almost sad.