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Phoebe Cates Continues Doing Nothing Newsworthy, Though Kevin Kline Has His Suspicions


Phoebe Cates was photographed on the red carpet several years ago. I’m not sure what event, premiere, or award ceremony she was attending…

She was tan when this picture was taken; she looks healthy too. It’s rare to see a good photograph of Phoebe Cates since she retired from full-time show business to focus on being a mother of two children with Kevin Kline.

Known best for her work done in her late teens, she has been in some other things too.

Her son, Owen, received rave reviews for his performance in The Squid and the Whale. An admirable accomplishment for a boy too young to see photographs of Phoebe Cates like THIS famous scene, released when she was 19. Or THIS other one from the previous year.

Not that he’d want too anyway… unless he’s a pervert.


PETA is Bringing Subtlety Back to the Art of Protest Vol. 2


Due to popular demand, I’m bringing up some of the artful photos from various PETA protests

For the cute brunette from the first volume, click HERE   ……….and HERE   ……… and HERE.

For another photo from the girl at the top of this page, click HERE.

For more photos from the ‘Running of the Bulls’ protest, click HERE …… and HERE.

And misc, click HERE.


PETA is Bringing Subtlety Back to the Art of Protest


PETA’s always had a kind of nervous habit as far as public nudity goes… and by nervous habit I mean young cute naked chicks. Mostly interns, according to PETA’s official site.

You know, I think every company and organization should try and find a way to incorporate nudity into company literature and promotion. Personally, I’m kind of tired of getting pre-approved credit card offers from a business that can’t even manage to talk an easily influenced girl into public nudity.  And what about those people standing around on street corners asking for money to stop global warming?  Just think about it.  Or pizza delivery?  Or the DMV?

And don’t even get me started on Victoria’s Secret. That place is just completely missing the point.
Slightly back on track, PETA doesn’t just get college freshman, they get celebrities naked too – like Alicia Silverstone, Eva Mendes, Steve-O [Yeah, no link there wise guy] Sophie Monk

B-List celebrities aside, PETA’s real legacy, aside from all the actual work it does, are all the averagely cute girls and the occasional stand-out gymnast, vegan, pure-bundle-of-positive, um, hotness that they get to pose. Naked. Here.

Now, I’m going to go heat up some To-Furky…

Because I’m cool like that.