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Phoebe Cates Continues Doing Nothing Newsworthy, Though Kevin Kline Has His Suspicions


Phoebe Cates was photographed on the red carpet several years ago. I’m not sure what event, premiere, or award ceremony she was attending…

She was tan when this picture was taken; she looks healthy too. It’s rare to see a good photograph of Phoebe Cates since she retired from full-time show business to focus on being a mother of two children with Kevin Kline.

Known best for her work done in her late teens, she has been in some other things too.

Her son, Owen, received rave reviews for his performance in The Squid and the Whale. An admirable accomplishment for a boy too young to see photographs of Phoebe Cates like THIS famous scene, released when she was 19. Or THIS other one from the previous year.

Not that he’d want too anyway… unless he’s a pervert.


Shocking New Evidence Suggests that Web Relationships are Potentially Hazardous


Jealousy, Deception, Obsession, Heartbreak, Smut

Ah, the bittersweet joys of online dating.

Sentence comes down on March 19 in the case of Stephen Hailes (48), the jilted online chatter who forwarded naked pictures of his cyber-partner Karen Parker (36) to her husband and every one else in her Hotmail address book.

The ‘crime’ is sending indecent and grossly offensive images by a public communication network; which I guess is illegal in Britain.

More confusing is how this managed to happen in the first place… Not satisfied just sending naked photographs, she also spoke with him on the phone and, most importantly, gave him her e-mail password.

What happened in between that and forwarding involves someone sending flowers, calling constantly, growing jealous, and *gasp* discovering that Karen Parker was not quite web-monogamous, as the term might be.


Forward this to anyone who still thinks that the British have a one-up as far as culture and intelligence goes – the saga of the unemployed single father-of-one, the married grocery-store cashier mother-of-two, and all the heartbreak and scandal that plagues them should cure that fast.

The mad-forwarder faces potential jail time… The scandal-box faces…. um, nothing?

Check out the PG version to see what had this guy losing his mind… right…….. HERE.