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Tom Brady Sextape… With Gisele..?


Patriot’s female fans still reeling from the Super Bowl might have something to give them a boost: A Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen sex tape.

According to the New York Post, New York high dining noshery Phillippe has a funny little habit of videotaping celebrities in the restaurant’s private wine cellar, advertised as a private room.

A source for Page6 had this to say:

“They’ve watched tape of Diddy and Sienna Miller hanging out and Tom Brady and Gisele (Bundchen) hooking up. They get a kick out of it, they laugh and comment on people. Only a small circle of staffers there [knows] what’s going on.”

A rep for Phillippe confirmed that there are cameras in the private rooms, but maintains that staff has no access to the tapes.

For some idea what might be on those tapes, click HERE….or you might try HERE ……. or HERE.


Phoebe Cates Continues Doing Nothing Newsworthy, Though Kevin Kline Has His Suspicions


Phoebe Cates was photographed on the red carpet several years ago. I’m not sure what event, premiere, or award ceremony she was attending…

She was tan when this picture was taken; she looks healthy too. It’s rare to see a good photograph of Phoebe Cates since she retired from full-time show business to focus on being a mother of two children with Kevin Kline.

Known best for her work done in her late teens, she has been in some other things too.

Her son, Owen, received rave reviews for his performance in The Squid and the Whale. An admirable accomplishment for a boy too young to see photographs of Phoebe Cates like THIS famous scene, released when she was 19. Or THIS other one from the previous year.

Not that he’d want too anyway… unless he’s a pervert.


Gemma Atkinson is Some Nice, Tasty Filler


I generally run a tight news machine here, but I felt the need to share a human interest story with you.

Gemma Atkinson is holding some huge bowling balls.

You might not be able to tell from this photograph, but, well… let’s just say that those bowling balls are pretty good substitutes for two other giant round things…

Now, I run an family friendly enterprise here, so that’s as bad as I’m going to get. No naughty Gemma pictures like THIS one, or THIS other one, or THIS other one…

Mmm, now that’s some good filler.


Avril Lavigne is the Da Vinci of Our Time


Since shedding her post-punk grrl rocker image, Avril has somehow managed to blast out a winning streak of pure, original versatility unseen in culture since Homer.

In this interview with MTV, she shows an unimaginable, super-human depth of creativity.

‘I just wanted the show to be more showy.’

Thank you, Jesus, for all signs of your love.

Thank you, Avril, for leading the attack against shows that aren’t really shows at all.

I can just imagine her inner monologue defining her vision of this spectacular, once-in-a-lifetime event:

‘I’m Avril Lavigne; I’m pretty cool. What should I do with my show? Well, first off, I need a name – something cool, and original… Well, my album was called The Best Damn Thing, and I had a song called, ‘The Best Damn Thing’, maybe I could find a way to incorporate that… WAIT! I KNOW! I’ll call it The Best Damn Tour! But it needs to be really cool, and definitely needs to match my new feminine streak. I’ll get some back-up dancers, get a lot of pink instruments, and some cool LED displays. Show’s are so lame unless they’re show-y. Hey, that’s a good way to describe it. I’ll put on a show-y show, and make it really really really pink!’

Genuflect before this deity of art.

In a related story, has anyone seen these boob pictures? I mean, since when does Avril Lavigne have distinguishable cleavage? And when did my pants get so tight? And this post so awkward… and creepy…